Diabetes Blood Glucose Tracker - Take back control of your blood sugar

Diabetes Mellitus is a major disease affecting about 10.5% of the population worldwide and the figures are rising. The disease is caused by a disturbance in glucose metabolism, either due to insulin resistance or insulin deficiency, leading to a rise in blood sugar level.

Effective management of Diabetes Mellitus is multidisciplinary, with blood sugar monitoring playing a pivotal role. 

Apps for blood sugar monitoring

There are various apps out there to aid in glucose monitoring and while some of the apps are excellent, some fail to capture all the important data that helps you as a patient to quickly make a decision.

The best tool for monitoring must be able to:

  1. Keep a permanent record of all blood sugar readings
  2. Notify you when the reading you have entered is normal or not
  3. Track your weight as it is linked to blood sugar control
  4. Give advice on diet
  5. Store a record of your medications
  6. Should be able to work offline
Diabetes blood sugar tracker is one such tool that provides all these features and more.

This app is lightweight, easy to use and gets frequent updates, adding more features to enable better blood sugar monitoring.

Benefits of good blood sugar control

Well controlled blood sugar greatly reduces the risk of these complications:

  • Nerve damage
  • Eye damage
  • Poor healing of wound
  • Poor blood flow to limbs
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Kidney disease
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease

Diabetes Blood Sugar Tracker is designed to help you quickly save and retrieve blood sugar levels in your mobile phone.

It works 100% offline and is free to use.

There is a detailed help section in case you want to know about all the features.

It supports both mg/dL and mmol/L. You easily toggle which units you want to display in the main screen.

As you add a result, a comment appears telling you whether the blood sugar is normal, high or is borderline.

There is a built in reminder which works with your alarm so that you don't miss the next check.

A list of refresher tips help you stay on track in managing your blood sugar.

When you visit your health worker next time, show him or her the list of past results.

It also works out the average blood sugar over the past week, month or past 3 months.

The 3 month average blood sugar gives a close estimate of your glycated haemoglobin or HBA1c.

You can enter an unlimited nmber of records and to make the readings more accurate, use the fasting blood sugar results.

Install Diabetes Blood Sugar Tracker in your phone and encorage your loved ones to keep track of their blood sugar using the app.

There is an option to unlock even more features in the Pro version of the app so keep your app up to date.

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