Emergency Call ZW - Keep all your emergency numbers in one spot

Emergency Call ZW is an app that stores all emergency numbers in one place. 

This lightweight app makes life easy when you are in an emergency situation. In addition, it is freely available on Play Store and compatible with almost all Android devices.

The history

I developed this app after a real-life experience at an accident scene. Fortunately, there were no fatalities but at the time that I arrived there, no one had called an ambulance.

Upon inquiry, I discovered that no one had contacts of the local ambulance services.

Eventually I managed to make the necessary call (I‘m a health worker), but the experience got me thinking...

How many people have readily accessible emergency phone numbers in their phones? This is something that people take for granted, leading to panic when faced with an emergency.

Instead of keeping these emergency numbers mixed up with other regular contact numbers, I figured out that the most convenient way is to package them in an app. That is how Emergency Call ZW was born.

What it does

Emergency Call ZW captures emergency numbers of services in Zimbabwe. You don’t have to worry about memorizing any emergency phone number as it is hard-coded in the app.

The main emergency services are split into 8 types:

1.       Fire department

2.       Child services

3.       Public works

4.       Hospital

5.       Tow truck

6.       Ambulance services

7.       Power company

8.       ZRP

 1. Fire department

If you fail to put out a fire, it’s always good to alert the fire department immediately.  Fire spreads very fast and can cause serious damage.  I looked up the contacts of local fire departments online and they are not readily available.

With Emergency Call ZW, phone numbers of all fire departments are only a tap away.

2. Child services

Children need a caregiver and if there is suspicion of child abuse, you need to call Child Services.

There is a toll-free number that is available and works in any part of the country.

Install the app and help Child Services department take care of our children. There are no call charges.

3. Public works

If you see a burst water pipe or blocked sewer, you should alert Public works.

They are always on stand-by 24/7 to fix such issues or anything urgent in their field.

Unattended faults can pose health risks to the community so if you have Emergency Call ZW in your phone, you quickly alert local council to rectify the problem.

4. Hospital

Zimbabwe has central hospitals in major cities and smaller hospitals in other cities and towns.

If there is a medical emergency, you may need to call the nearest hospital and get assistance.

This is crucial when you travel because you never know when hospital services are needed urgently.

There is no need to worry as all phone numbers of major hospital services in the country are included in the app.

5. Tow truck

Are you are a driver? If yes then you definitely need to keep contacts of a tow truck in your phone because you never know when a breakdown occurs.

You can also get involved in an accident and need towing services urgently.

Emergency Call ZW has contacts of towing company that offers its services nationwide.

6. Ambulance services

Ambulance services provide rapid transport of a patient from the point of collection to the nearest hospital.

In addition, the crew provides emergency resuscitation to minimize morbidity and mortality.

One example is someone who falls in a diabetic coma. The EMT can quickly resuscitate before transporting the patient to a hospital.

(Make sure you check out another app to track blood sugar readings if you have Diabetes Mellitus).

You should definitely keep numbers of local ambulance services in case there is an emergency that requires their intervention.

Get the app and you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety.

7. Power company

The local power company, ZETDC, encourages people to report any faults in the power lines so that there is continuous supply of electricity to businesses and homes.

Sometimes these faults can trigger fires which results in damage so repairs need to be done on time.

The app stores ZETDC numbers in all regions so even if you are travelling and you see a fault, you can contact the local ZETDC branch.

I use the app to call our local response team every time there is a blackout.

This has proved to be helpful as sometimes they won’t be aware of the fault but in some cases it is routine load shedding.

8. ZRP

Our police force works 24/7 and if you suspect that there is a crime taking place, you use the app to make a call.

You also get to sleep peacefully at night knowing that you have contact numbers of the local police service.

All phone numbers of major ZRP police stations were populated in the app.


How to download the app

The app is completely free and works offline. Default numbers of common emergency services in all major services come with the app. You can, however, add your own numbers and access them anytime.

Status: Available


Make sure you keep your app updated as more features are added with each update. Leave a review on Play Store and please rate us 5 stars if you like the app.


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